Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Speaking Beauty

Good Morning Everyone,

On Sunday morning we found ourselves with an extra hour and a crazy baby, so we took Sebastian out for a long walk.  There must have been some magic in that sweater he wore, for when we put in on his body he started talking like crazy. He helped put Bella in her kennel by saying "Ella" and pointed at her. He said "Hello" to everything we saw out that day, trees, cats, dogs, cars. He was out introducing himself to everything he couldn't talk to before. He also has started saying "Cool" about some of his toys. I love watching him grow, and everyday there is something new for him to show and/or tell me. I hope that you are all healthy and happy, and that we hear from you soon.



kits54 said...

Nate...What a great idea! I really like the name of your blog. Thanks for inviting me.

kits54 said...

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