Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Monday, November 26, 2007


Aaron, will you come up to Salt Lake and decorate our house? I'll take you out for some hippie-vegan food.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Morning After

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope that you all had a nice holiday yesterday and slept well from all the turkey that you ate. We went to Santaquin for dinner last night. Sebastian played with the mule, horses, goats, and chased a rooster across a field. It was fun to watch him play with all those animals. I guess they are turning on the lights at Temple Square tonight. I don't know if we will go tonight but I'm sure we will spend plenty of time there with Seppo. He loves the Christmas lights on our tree that we put up last night. Hope to hear from you soon.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Indecision 2008

Speaking of voting, I found this link that lets you match your candidate based on the issues not the person. I've got $5 that says if mom is honest she will be a Democrat, and probably end up with Hillary.

Schools: Public vs. Private

Mom's comment about voting made me think of this:

I watched this 20/20 report about American Schools a little while ago. I am praying that Sebastian's Grandma Broadbent will retire and be his teacher when he is ready for school. It seems like the only argument against home schooling is the lack of socialization (which seem like nothing compared to the problems with schools). I think we are too dependent on the schools to educate, socialize, and feed our children. No effort made by any teacher will compensate for lack of decent parenting. I hope that by the time Sebastian is ready for school that things will change. I don't think vouchers are the answer but I hope that they are a step in the right direction.

Use the link here:
I added it to the YouTube section so you can watch it here. It's the first video.

awe shucks noah, ain't you sweet

Speaking Beauty

Good Morning Everyone,

On Sunday morning we found ourselves with an extra hour and a crazy baby, so we took Sebastian out for a long walk.  There must have been some magic in that sweater he wore, for when we put in on his body he started talking like crazy. He helped put Bella in her kennel by saying "Ella" and pointed at her. He said "Hello" to everything we saw out that day, trees, cats, dogs, cars. He was out introducing himself to everything he couldn't talk to before. He also has started saying "Cool" about some of his toys. I love watching him grow, and everyday there is something new for him to show and/or tell me. I hope that you are all healthy and happy, and that we hear from you soon.


Monday, November 5, 2007

Welcome Family

I have heard some talk about a family blog recently and I hope that the reason I haven't seen one is because it is still in talks and not because I have been voted out of the family. I decided that I would just create one. It's called Sugar Tree. I hope this will become a way for us to keep in touch, share pictures, videos, stories, etc.