Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mary's Movies

When we had cable in St. George Zi discovered The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. It was on Nick at Night every night. Ever since then he has been a Will Smith fan. He loved The Pursuit of Happyness I think he was even trying to hide his tears during that movie. So he was really excited to see Will's newest film I am Legend. What a disappointment that was. I give it an "Oh Geez!" and a "huuuuuh?! Yeah right!" None of you were probably planing on seeing this anyway but if by chance you were, don't! If you do get a chance to make it to the movies Enchanted is neither a waste of your money nor your time. Although it's ending, like most Disney movies, was all wrong. I give Enchanted a chuckle and a smile with a confused and judgmental eyebrow raise at the ending.

This has been Mary's Movies if you would like to see more of Mary's Movies just.......... BABYSIT MY KIDS SO I CAN GO OUT!

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