Sunday, October 12, 2008

I washed it again

Simon has to draw a comic strip for the school paper. Got any good ideas? We're on the verge of doing a joke about a kid who's class mate says 'this home work is so easy, a monkey could do it' so the kid gives his homework to a monkey who appears to destroy it but in fact gets all the answers correct. This joke's strength is that anything with a monkey is funny. Anyway, if you have an idea please let us pirate it.
Quote of the week, "I'm going to wash the blanket again because there is still some throw-up on it." Tabitha had a 24 hr flu. I washed everyones bedding. Hoorah for the glamorous New York life!


*MARY* said...

Make the monkey love lasagna and hate Mondays and you've got yourself a winner.

kits54 said...

I'm so sad Tabby was sick. I hope she is feeling better today. Here is the joke I was trying to remember.

What did the invisible boy call his Dad and Mom? Trans parents!

I told it to Noah and his friend. They giggled politely

Laura Hyde said...

I think you've got it right with the monkey...I already think it's funny. I have a special request. Angie, will you put a picture of your family on here? I haven't seen you guys for so long and don't think I've ever seen Tabitha...Just don't put a picture of her 24 hour flu on here please.